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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The best weekends are long weekends

One of my best friends from school - my sorority sister, Sherry* - came to visit me this weekend. I messaged her on Wednesday just to chat, but we decided, very spontaneously, to have her fly to see me this weekend.
Sherry with my fat cat, Auggie
When we first met, I was so scared of her. Perhaps it was nerves - I met her on interview day - or perhaps I just wasn't in the right mood that day, but Sherry just seemed like the scariest person I've ever met. When I joined Omega Tau Zeta (our sorority) my freshman year, we had to interview all of the older girls to get to know them. I wanted to avoid interviewing Sherry, so I had another sister set up the interview for me. Everything I could do, I did to avoid her.

But over the course of the years that I've gotten to know her, we've become very close friends. Her and I are similar in many aspects - we're both ambitious and silly. We can make a conversation out of anything. We are also very different. She's very assertive and always presents the first opinion on every topic. I'm much more easy going. Perhaps this is the reason why we get along so well. She helps me be more decisive and I help calm her down.

Sherry just finished her first year of medical school. It'll only be 2 more days till I go to China and one more month until I start medical school. One more month till we're reunited! I can't wait!

*For purposes of NOT keeping her awesomeness confidential, I have used her REAL name

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